What can you do for me?

We have been helping clients from all over the world to source and ship products from China since 1995. What we can help you with includes (but not limit to) the belows:

  • Looking for suppliers/products
  • Negotiating the deals with suppliers
  • Ordering samples/prototypes/products
  • Arranging payments
  • Inspecting samples/prototypes/products
  • Arranging and tracking shipments
  • Assisting negotiations about replacements/repaires with suppliers
  • Suggesting strategies
  • Any other assistance to your Chinese business
How does it work?

Basically, shopping with us is similar to shopping on other onlines stores like Amazon, AliExpress or eBay etc., you may just browse the categories/products and place orders as if you were a consumer.

However, if you are an online business owner who runs one or more online stores, you will find that CSA offers so much more than other sources available to you, including: 

  • If you can’t find your desired product(s) in our online categories, you may contact us to have us to source the product(s) for you. The total costs provided by us can usually be 5% lower than you can find on average, for the same quality product(s) and similar shipping ways.
  • A good news for dropship business owners is that on CSA, you may place one single order for as many as possible orders that you’ve obtained from your online store with different shipping addresses for each of your customer (by uploading a file listing different shipping addresses on the Checkout page, or by using CSA’s Automatic Fulfillment Service). The shipping costs are calculated for such dropship orders automatically.
  • What’s more exciting is that CSA offers a VIP program to help you save time greatly, where you can connect your store to CSA’s ERP app for automatic fulfillment, as well as having a CSA representative to help you solve all kinds of issues. No more hundreds of hours on finding products, on dealing with different suppliers, or on orders and shipping arrangements etc.. You will have much more time than ever before to focus on your core business such as marketing.
  • With its experience of more than two decades in the industry, CSA is ready to help you solve any other problems you encountered when doing Chinese business.
Who can make the best of your services?

Although our services are for all clients who buys from China, we find that you will benefit most if you are a dropship business owner who

  • has minimum 10 orders per day
  • needs a team to source products and/or fulfill orders for you so that you may have more time to focus more on your core business such as product research and marketing
What can you do for dropship business owners?

We can help dropship business owners to:

  • Source products
  • Negotiate prices
  • Connect stores to our ERP app for auto fulfillment
  • Order samples/prototypes/products
  • Arrange payments
  • Inspect samples/prototypes/products
  • Arrange and track shipments
  • Negotiate replacements/repaires/compensations

* You need to be a VIP member to enjoy some of the above services.